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August 9, 2021

An Edible Orchard Comes to Fruition Through a Winter Park Garden Club Sponsorship

This Civic Awareness project has been in the works since 2018! Our membership voted to award $3,000 to the City of Winter Park to create an Edible Orchard on Cady Way Trail behind the tennis courts. The objective being to plant fruit trees that walkers, runners, bikers, and families who are pushing strollers can pick from when they’re hungry.

Sixteen trees were planted, irrigation was installed, and mulch was put down for protection. The selection of trees includes avocados, plums, cherries, peaches, persimmons, nectarines, and black mulberries! Most of the trees are labeled and all are expected to bear fruit in roughly two years. Our WPGC flower sign is prominently displayed so passersby in any direction will be aware of our support. Our responsibility is to weed and groom the orchard once a year with the City’s landscaping crew maintaining it all other times.

We’re proud that we have made Winter Park an even better place to live or come visit!